Thursday, December 29, 2011

June 27, 2011 I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane!! Goodbye Korea!!

The dreaded day has finally come. :-(  Yes I've missed the internet, my cell phone, friends, and family but not yet!!! I can't leave already!  지현 Jihyeon took me and 할아버지 to a 갈비 kalbi/super good Korean beef restaurant.

Another sad part was since 할아버지 grandpa had to go to work back down south west, he pretty much left without saying goodbye.  :-(  I think it's because he knows he'll see me again for Jeanie's wedding but still!  I was sad.  지현 Jihyeon dropped me off and I went to go park.  She told me to wait but I had to go since my flight was leaving in an hour!  We got there a little late and I was nervous.  As much as I love Korea, I couldn't be stuck here.  I had to go home.  I wasn't able to contact her where I was in the airport since I didn't have the cell phone anymore.  When you don't have a cell phone, it's super scary and add a foreign country....ah!!  I was able to find where I needed to check in and 지현 Jihyeon found me.

Can I just say I love Korea's airport?  It really is the best.  They're so fast, know English with a smile, and are respectful.  It's also nice here too.  It's no wonder it's ranked #1 in the world.  After I checked in, I went to go through security and they said that my carry on was too heavy.  This freaked me out because I'm running late and I need to bring everything back.  I went back to check in and they just put it with my other suitcase and I was off to go.  Wow, they're smart.  I said goodbye to 지현 Jihyeon and I was on my way to home.

I think they had better food on the plane ride to Korea but it was still good.  I felt more tired on the plane ride home since it was always dark outside.  Since I'm flying west, it's like that.  The passenger next to me was very nice and he went to Korea on a backpacking trip with some friends and we ended up talking for many hours.

Ok, I hate the San Francisco airport service.  It's terrible.  They're employees are rude.  I had a hard time putting my suitcase on the conveyor belt for security and the security guard just stared at me, wouldn't help me, and said, "Use gravity to push it up."  What's that supposed to mean?  I'm trying to do my job and you're not helping me out.  You're holding up the line because you won't help me.  You have to check my bag anyways so why won't you do your job properly?  Grrr...... And oh domestic tiny you are......

I got home safely in one piece as well as my luggage.  At first I couldn't find it but I guess it came before our flight and they put it in lost and found so I got it.  It was so good to see the family.  Minus Jeanie though since she's still in Fiji.  Wow, America or at least Utah, is soo different than Korea.  There's not as many lights compared to Korea or high buildings.  Wow, how did my mother survive all these years?  How did I?

When I got home, this awaited for me.  Awww....I just love my family.  I miss Korea and it's good to be home.  Wow, what an incredible journey this has been!

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